Want to be part of the festival? 


While the full festival schedule and entertainment will be announced in May, the festival will pay tribute to the great state of Arizona. Highlights will include more events, firework displays, concerts, and more for residents. 


Calling all local vendors! Put your company in the mix of the excitement with attendances ranging from 10,000 at Fear Farm up to 50,000. Open to craft, retail and more!



We are curating the culinary experience at Fear Farm on July 4 to represent different tastes of Arizona and America! To participate you must be a member of Phoenix Mobile Food Vending (PMFV). 


Volunteer Expectations

  • If I am a successful applicant as a volunteer with Happy Birthday America Festival, I understand that I will be placed on a crew where needed.

  • My indicated preferences will be taken into account when possible; there is no guarantee which crew I will be placed on.

  • I understand that pre/post Festival crews are required to contribute 40 hours and Festival weekend crews are required to contribute 20 hours. Site volunteers are required to contribute 48 hours including 4 hours during the Festival and 4 hours of tear-down.

  • I understand that additional information may be required before placement on some crews.

  • I also agree to contribute four (4) scheduled hours to help Festival tear-down.

  • I agree to make myself available for shifts as required and fulfil the obligations of being a volunteer with the HBAF.

  • I agree to comply with and honour the Code of Ethics of Happy Birthday America as stated:

Code of Ethics for Volunteers

1. All volunteers shall make every effort to present the Festival in a positive way and shall not do anything to intentionally embarrass the Festival.

2. There shall be no use/consumption of alcohol by any volunteer who is on duty on the Festival site, including the Beer Tent. Off-duty Volunteers must not wear Festival T- shirts  and must not openly consume alcoholic beverages on the site.

3. There shall be no use/consumption of illegal substances by any volunteer on the Festival site. Abuse of this will result in immediate dismissal of the volunteer(s) from the Festival.

4. All volunteers shall treat other volunteers, performers, staff, and the public with respect. If a problem arises, resolution should be deferred to a Coordinator, Volunteer Committee, or Production Manager.

5. Volunteers shall make every effort to fulfil responsibilities of crew membership. Failure to contribute minimum time requirements or failure to fulfil shift commitments without a satisfactory reason (which may require documentation) may result in dismissal from the Festival.

6. No volunteer shall use for their own advantage any property or monies belonging to the Festival. All volunteers must be honest and trustworthy.

7. Any volunteer in the positions of Crew Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator must set a positive example for other volunteers. They must be prepared to respond to greater expectations, take on responsibility, and follow through on commitments. Failure to fulfil commitments will result in replacement of the Coordinator for the next Festival.